Services for Home Buyers

Whether you are just beginning the search for buying a home or have been monitoring the market for awhile, there is much to learn about our local market and the process.  Buying and selling a home is a time consuming process and can sometimes feel overwhelming.  My goal is to help simplify the process to make your life easier.

Buyers in today’s market are savvy, smart and knowledgeable about the real estate market. Data is highly valued and used to make intelligent decisions about how much to pay for a home. Just as important is the scarcity of free time.  To that avail, buyers need a real estate agent who will make the home search as efficient as possible while maintaining sensitivity to your schedule and its daily demands.

As a realtor, I pride myself on working as a consultant for you, not a salesperson.  A happy homeowner is someone who buys a home that they want and not a home that someone has talked you into buying.  Once we identify the right home for you, it is a matter of helping you achieve your goal in buying that property for the right value.  And that is my promise to you.


As your real estate agent, I will strive to minimize the stress inherent to the home buying process. There are many parties involved in a real estate transaction, such as buyers, sellers, buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, escrow officer, insurance officer, property inspectors, mortgage bankers or brokers, and sometimes tenants.  Efficient coordination among all participants is imperative to ensure a smooth transaction and minimize shortfalls.   I believe that constant communication is key.


Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or a first time home buyer, there are always questions that come up. Some questions I often receive are:

-  How many offers did that house receive?

-  Why is that house been on the market for so long?

- I want to build a new house on this property, what limitations can I expect from the City given the lot size and location?

- What are the local schools and are they impacted?

- What is the average sale price per square foot in the various areas of this city?

- What is the best time of the year to buy or to sell?

Be assured that I have an answer for your question and if I don’t, I will quickly go to the best resource to find one.


Often unbeknown to consumers, an agent’s reputation within the local agent circle is critical to securing a transaction.  In the communities that I service, more often than not, a home receives multiple offers within a short period of time on the market.  If two offers are close in price and terms, a good listing agent will advise the seller to choose the buyer with the more reputable real estate agent since that increases the odds that the deal will close.  Just recently, this happened to me and my client’s offer was chosen over another offer which was for a higher price.


Long gone are the days of guessing a home’s current value solely based on an agent’s advice. Data in today’s world is available everywhere. The MLS and many other sites offer an abundance of data discussing sales prices, days on market, list prices, average sales price and the list goes on.  My job, as your realtor, is to help you interpret and process the data in order to successfully navigate the home buying process.  Throughout my career, I have always been drawn to the quantitative side of business which led me to pursue an M.B.A. from the Stanford Business School as well as complete my certification as a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) in the State of California.

Services for Home Buyers